See what my clients are saying about their experience with me.

I call Kim my life coach because she has helped me with so much more than my fitness goals. She’s there for me out of the gym as well as the time we spend together in the gym. She pushes me when I think I can’t go any further and she’s shown me that I can be so much more. She believes in and challenges me. With her support I have lost over 30 pounds and won 3rd in her 90 Day Challenge! My goal is to lose 100 pounds and I know with Kim’s support and encouragement I can do it!
— Angela P.
I came to Kim after a shoulder surgery because I wasn’t getting anywhere with Curves. I needed someone who understood muscle structure and was willing to work with a weakling. Kim is a five star trainer. She’s extremely accommodating and creates routines to help me improve my strength and flexibility. She adjusts my movements by inches which makes a huge difference in the workout. She makes sure I work out the different parts of my body and physically points to which muscle I should be feeling for the exercise. She doesn’t just go through the motions of working with me...she really cares about the individual and their improvement. It has also helped with my golf game!
— Gwen K.
Kim’s nutrition plans and workout programs have giving me back the energy and enthusiasm I was lacking. I no longer feel tired or have energy level drops through the day. Since working with Kim I have gained lean muscle and managed to lose 5% body fat.I finally feel and look healthy! She’s also been there for me through some tough times. She’s more than just a personal trainer/nutritionist; she helps you live a balanced life.
— Nancy M.
Kim is the Health and Wellness Coach for my company. I meet with her weekly for 15mins. and she always brightens my day! Kim reviews my food log and gives me workout advice but she also builds my confidence up, reminds that their are no-limits but the ones I place on myself, that it’s important to take time for myself, and she helps me to live a stress-free life!
— Karen E.
One thing I never thought I would do is compete in a 90 day challenge. In my mind, I never believed I could win. However, Kim was positive and knew that I had the will, dedication, and perseverance and that I had every chance of winning. With her expert help I won 1st place and a trip to Vegas! When I started I was over 145 pounds, 28% body fat, and wore a size 12. After the 90 days, I weighed 127 pounds, 21% body fat, and wore a size 8. Today, I am 125 pounds and wear a size 4!
— Emely K.
I came to Kim for a Nutrition plan because even though I was working out several times a week I wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted to see in my body. She had me write a food log and quickly realized I wasn’t eating enough for the amount of activity I was doing. She wrote a customized meal plan that fit my lifestyle as well as nutritional needs and goals. Before long I felt more energized and started see the results I wanted! When my work schedule got too hectic I hired her to cook my meals through Ready Meals & Nutrition and it’s been working out great ever since. Her meals are fresh, made with local, quality ingredients, and always delicious.
— Tony K.
I came to Kim because I had plateaued in the gym and I wanted to take my workouts to the next level. She wrote an excellent workout program for me as well as a customized meal plan. Within 3 months I dropped 15Ibs. I couldn’t believe the changes I felt and saw in my body. To this day I still ask Kim for advice because I know what she says works!
— Kainoa G.
I have referred two people to Kim because I believe in her and what she does. She has truly helped me transform my life in just 4 months. I feel sexy and confident and my clothes are literally melting off me! My skinny clothes that I kept in the closet are too big now! She has taught me proper nutrition and I honestly don’t crave the same foods anymore, but the most important thing I have learned is that I can do anything I put my mind to. Kim taught me that there are no limits. She truly cares and can help you change your life for the better.
— Isabelle C.
Kim is the second Health and Wellness Coach hired by my company and I can honestly say since she came on-board I smile more, I do more for myself without feeling guilty, and I’m learning to be comfortable with who I am as a person rather than a number on a scale. She truly cares and gives me advice based on my specific lifestyle and goals rather than generic information.
— Aileen H.