Through all the transitions in my life I’ve finally managed to find my healthy balance. Now I’d like to help you find yours!

Hi, my name is Kim Ready. I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Corporate Wellness Consultant, and Wellness Coach. I’m also an avid foodie, animal lover, poetry writer, and adventure seeker!

I’ve always enjoyed outdoor adventures and staying active. I was on a dance team growing up, I have been an avid camper since the age of 2, and I love hiking and surfing, but it wasn’t until after I started working in an architecture firm that I stepped foot in a gym.

The squat rack terrified me, the treadmills bored me, and I was pretty sure I’d drop a dumbbell on my foot! So I got a personal trainer and entered the world of fitness with a little more confidence. Soon it became an excellent stress reliever for me and I started learning cross-fit, HITT routines, plyometrics, basically anything that kept me moving and cleared my mind after a long day in a corporate office. I wanted to take it to the next level so I started training to be in an NPC Bodybuilding show as a Figure Competitor and before I knew it I was hooked and brought into the world of fitness.

Now let’s talk nutrition. Food and I have had an interesting journey over the years; growing up I was anorexic and pretty much feared food, 5 yrs ago when I competed as an NPC Figure Competitor I had to weigh everything I ate, eat on a very strict schedule, and could only choose from specific foods. Recently I lived in Hawaii for 4 years where I shopped at Farmerʼs Markets 3 times a week, cooked all the time, and had great relationships with my local farmers. Then a year and a half ago I was divorced, moved to Chicago, and all I wanted to do was eat cupcakes and drink wine, and now here I am today!

As you can see over the years I have struggled to balance health and wellness within my own lifestyle and what specifically worked for me. I have learned that life is all about finding a healthy balance that works for your specific lifestyle. It’s about letting go, believing in yourself, and just getting out there and braving whatever life throws at you!

I’ve finally been able to find my healthy balance and I’d like to help you find yours!

I call Kim my life coach because she has helped me with so much more than my fitness goals. She’s there for me out of the gym as well as the time we spend together in the gym. She pushes me when I think I can’t go any further and she’s shown me that I can be so much more. She believes in and challenges me. With her support I have lost over 30 pounds and won 3rd in her 90 Day Challenge! My goal is to lose 100 pounds and I know with Kim’s support and encouragement I can do it!
— Angela P.