Traveling in Costa Rica

I love traveling to new places. It allows me to immerse myself in a new culture and experience things with a whole new perspective. I was blessed to visit a friend and past wellness client in Costa Rica this past Spring 2015. Words can not describe the peace, love, and happiness I felt while in Costa Rica.

Here you see a floating bridge from the Selvetura Cloud Forest Park in Monteverde. Walking along that bridge, swaying in the mist of clouds, was magical. I was lucky to go at a time when no one else was around. As I stood on that bridge I felt at peace. I was able to hear my voice as the noise of the world fell away. I will never forget the gorgeous views, the sounds of the forest, and the feeling of true peace.

At the Don Juan Coffee Plantation in Monteverde, I’m sporting a basket that’s still used today to hand pick coffee berries. I am a serious coffee snob so I was in love! Don Juan is a small plantation that picks their berries by hand, does not use chemicals, and they also grow cocoa trees for chocolate. The farm has been in the family for generations. I was amazed to learn that an entire coffee tree only produces 1Ib of coffee beans! So you can imagine the amount of trees needed to supply the world with it’s serious caffeine addiction! I left with several bags of whole coffee beans and several chocolate bars. My favorite was the dark chocolate infused with hot chilies!

An amazing sunset I captured as the sun was just about to drop beneath the mountains. The image does not do it justice. The colors were gorgeous, the cloud formations were from a fairytale, and I could have sat there all night.

I encourage each and every one of you to travel and see the world, even if it’s just the next town over. It’s important to stretch your knowledge of people, places, and cultures. Traveling allows you to open your mind, open your heart, and feed your soul.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”